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Biometric vs. Code Entry


Nowadays, quick easy access to my firearm will not be an issue again as I have a gun safe in my bed. I use the Biometric fingerprint gun safe as it is very fast, efficient and requires no thinking or recall of a security code. Not to say a Code entry safe will not do the job, I just believe the Biometric is better for me. I would recommend either option to any one as they are both high quality options. But if you are woken from a deep sleep to a startling in your house, it would be an awful thing to somehow forget the code or fumble through it and accidentally type the wrong code(s) in when every second counts.


I think a code entry safe is great option for singles, married without children, empty nesters and the like. Reason being, if you set your code to something easy like: 1-1-1-1 or 1-2-1-2, you will have just as quick access to your weapon as a Biometric safe. I just would not recommend an easy code like this if you have kids in the house because it would be too easy for a child to guess. A code entry safe would also be a great option for any bed in a family vacation home, where different families or friends may come and go, but this way there is a safe place to keep a firearm. And you only need to share the security code with the adults.

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