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The right place to keep your firearm

One of the first questions my wife asked me when we had our first child was "Where are we going to keep the gun so it is out of reach of the baby?"

A good question. After all, one instance of a child finding a loaded firearm without supervision or a proper locking device is one instance too many. As there are many products on the market that keep the gun out of reach of our precious little ones, the same products also cause a slight hinderance when we may need quick access to our weapon.

As I have been manufacturing custom upholstered beds for almost 20 years, I knew that having a bed with hidden storage would always be one of my favorite builds. Today, after thousands of beds, all types of building experience and product knowledge, I have been able to develop just this type of bed with easy access AND safe place to keep a firearm.

By custom making our beds so that the top of the mattress rests only about an inch away from on opening in the headboard, we can put a safe within one swift arm movement away, in a safe that is opened with either a fingerprint (Biometric) or code entry. Either way, it is designed so that it is securely locked in a safe, out of sight with quick access for the gun owner.

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